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亂世群雄傳:三國 apk game v1.0.11 for android

1.0.11 for Android
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The description of 亂世群雄傳:三國

Legend of Heroes in Troubled Times is a strategy mobile game based on the history of the Three Kingdoms. Players can upgrade their cities in the game, collect famous generals of the Three Kingdoms, and improve the combat power of the troops by challenging the classic Three Kingdoms battles and wild rogues. Players will belong to different countries and compete for the city. The winner can expand the territory of the country, and finally capture the imperial city Luoyang and unify the world.

Reinterpret a passionate Three Kingdoms troubled times!

Nine real national fiefs and more than 20 feudal fiefs, each of which will have his own exclusive fief!
You will join the forces of Wei, Shu, and Wu, attack the city, destroy the separatist princes, and finally capture Luoyang and rule the world!
There is a saying that the three armies are assembled, food and grass are prepared, the cavalry battalion is in the front, the infantry battalion is in the middle, and the bow and arrow battalion is in the rear.
The generals Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu are under orders, and the civil servants Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang, and Sima Yi are on standby!
Rolling long rivers, vast clouds and mists, please fight and rule the country!
Conquer the city, expand the territory, and expand the territory for your forces!
Thousands of people on the same screen, real-time battles, and close cooperation can be invincible!
Become a state official and take charge of the power!
Coordinate expeditions, siege cities and capture treasures, and create the most classic and fun strategic battles!

[Official authorization of the orthodox Three Kingdoms]
"In troubled times, heroes emerge, and heroes are unparalleled in the world." The official original team of "Legends of Heroes in Troubled Times" is deeply supervised by the official original team, which restores the original blood and classics. The original paintings of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the iconic movements of the generals are directly provided by the official, just to create the superheroes of the Three Kingdoms in the hearts of players. Sweeping the original internal affairs system, players can win official positions in their own country through the imperial city hegemony and fair competition, and can obtain war command permission.

[One hundred people on the same screen, one ride is a thousand]
Across the battlefield, one horse is a thousand, creating a "unparalleled" battle with a sense of historical presence, efficient computing on the independent battlefield, synchronous optimization of the behind-the-scenes program, greatly breaking the upper limit of the original work on the same screen, realizing the real 100 people on the same screen, sweeping thousands of troops The pleasure of mowing is instantly experienced. . At the same time, the main city has a built-in building management system, including a complete set of systems such as , and barracks technology.

[Cross-server national war, bloody battle in all directions]
The map of the national war perfectly reproduces the terrain and city distribution of the Three Kingdoms period, and the disputes of the Three Kingdoms are staged again; the new addition of "raid" and "siege" ancient tactics will test the strategic command. There is also a national battlefield, which supports thousands of people across the server to compete on the same screen, adding blood and passion.

【Epic story original flavor】
The forces of Wei, Shu, Wu and Jin confronted each other, and the historical scene was ignited. Rich combat modes, hundreds of epic battles, annihilation battles, city defense battles, escort escape battles, support battles, king capture battles, survival battles, racing battles and other diverse plot battles, fighting together against heroes, fighting generals and hundreds of flowers, imperial front Many types of gameplay modes, such as martial arts, martial arts gathering for stars, and Acropolis hegemony, will be presented again with enthusiasm.

【Conscience operation and various benefits】
Conscience is officially operated, and various ingot benefits are received softly!
Upgrade to send ingots, brush dungeons to send ingots, competitive PVP to send ingots, invite friends to send ingots, even buy a horse to send ingots! The time investment is proportional to the increase in combat power, a mobile game that poor players can enjoy without spending money!

More than 100 beautiful generals can be selected for you to choose and marry, and more than 300 military generals (including historical and romantic generals) will appear.
• The subdivision design of 30 generals' basic abilities can better reflect the differences between generals.
• There are more than 300 kinds of independent configuration of generals' characteristics, which fully highlights the individual differences of generals, and more than 500 kinds of items and treasures with research evidence. A variety of classifications are divided to meet different preferences.
• Nearly 60 different types of cities, more than 200 well-documented urban characteristics and specialties.
• Rich technical research and development projects, reflecting the importance of science and technology to the development of forces.

亂世群雄傳:三國 1.0.11 Update


Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Yysk Ltd
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  09/10/2022
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