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ベストリア戦記 apk game v1.6.2 for android

1.6.2 for Android
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The description of ベストリア戦記
A new era of collectible RPGs begins.
Start your adventure with a diverse cast of unique heroes!

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The Adventure Begins

1. Excellent Graphics
-Characterized characters crafted
•Real-time lighting to enhance your 3D feel
• Introduce dynamic technology to increase your reality

• Cinematic fantasy world
Stories of characters starting a new journey after the conflict of light and darkness

3. Stunning visual and art-festing textures
• Characters empowered by our unique “Art Fading Texture Shading” technique
• Solitaire distinction not seen on existing PC and mobile games
• Classic game styles and differentiated graphics styles

4. Characters’ competitiveness
• Each content has a different strategy
•Utilize diverse characters
-Various battlegrounds and a variety of strategies to suit you
• Utilize a variety of characters with strategy

5. Diverse and rich content
•Rich content of challenges: Time killer, raids, defeats, etc.
-Diverse showdown content: battlefields, scramble, competitive battles, guild wars, occupy guild

6. An emotional, fairy-tale story
• Immerse your story into the game through visual cutscenes
• Communicate scenarios through character dialogues and theatre

•Real time combat with diverse skills
• Show off your most awesome skills with ultimate skills by picking only the benefits of turn-based and real-time action RPGs

8. Perfect Art Technology
• develop the power of concept art
• Fuse characters and back art
•Spectacular animations and effects
•High quality visuals

9. Configure your trendy content
• Interesting combat system making use of house placement
• Multiplatform support and co-op
• realize single player and cooperative play at the same time
-Eliminate elemental grades and raise all characters to the maximum grade

10. Diverse character collection elements
• Natural character merging through story flow
• Collection through intimacy system
• Collect through a variety of content and events

11. Engaging growing content
• Raise your own characters by growing, evolving, enhancing, transcendent, and awakening
•Low choice hurdles and deep game depth

12. Develop your own character
• Diverse stories in each character's exclusive dungeons
• Raise your beloved characters with personalized content for each character!

[Required Approach Permission Guide]

[Use Photos, Media and Files]
This permission is used to progress game update.
You do not fix or edit the other files.

[How to withdraw access rights]

Android 6.0 or higher: Settings> Select Permission Items> Permission List> Select Agree Permissions or Withdraw
Under Android 6.0: Upgrade management & withdraw approach permissions or delete an app

※ The app may not provide individual consent features and you can withdraw access permissions in the above way
※ If you are using a version below Android 6.0, we recommend that you upgrade to 6.0 or higher, because optional approach permissions can not be set individually.

Withdrawing the essential approach permission may result in resource interruption or inability to connect to the game.

Developer Contact:
Address: Soul Tuk Polesi Gangnam Gu 541
(541, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
IQXI Corporation
Email: [email protected]
ベストリア戦記 1.6.2 Update
Bug Fixes
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  PangSky
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/11/2022
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