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ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪ apk app v2.5.2 for android

2.5.2 for Android
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ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪ screenshot image 1_Popularmodapk.com
ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪ screenshot image 2_Popularmodapk.com
ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪ screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪ screenshot image 4_Popularmodapk.com
ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪ screenshot image 5_Popularmodapk.com
The description of ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪

... karaoke if you like song space ♪ If you like karaoke go to song space now GO ~
You can drink soft drinks anytime! Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya and other cities in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, is developing in Chiba!

This app is the official app of "Karaoke Room Song Plaza". (Free admission fee, annual fee)
If you register as a member in the app, you can get great discount coupons. There are a lot of special coupons only for the application such as admission bonus coupons, store limited coupons, birthday coupons and more! In addition, it is a convenient app that "Karaoke Room song square's" information such as store search and food & drink menu is packed tightly.
If it is karaoke song area ♪ If you like karaoke, you can get valuable information in the app and go to the song square now!

1. member ID
When visiting a store, you can present your membership card at the front desk. Members can always use the "Karaoke Room Song Plaza" at any time.

2. Membership rank
"Member rank" function that rank changes according to the number of visits. At the time of new member registration, it starts with "regular member", and ranks up to "Bronze" → "Silver" → "Gold" → "Platinum" → "Diamond" according to the number of visits. As the rank goes up, you will receive special benefits and coupons for each rank.

3. Great discount coupon
If you register as a member in the app and present your membership card at the store, you can get a great discount coupon.
・ 5% OFF anytime on 365 days!
・ 10% OFF for room fee with enrollment privilege! (30 days limited from membership registration date)
・ 50% OFF on the day of your birthday!

You can also get special coupons for app members only, such as event limited coupons and store limited coupons.

4. Store search
Shop of "Karaoke Room song open space" is found immediately! You can use GPS to display shops near your current location on a map. As we cope with search according to area, "Karaoke room song open space" of area that we want to go to is found immediately. If you want to go to karaoke in the first town, launch the app and access "Store Search"! (If you find a shop, you can make a reservation by phone or on the web)

5. Food / drink menu
Food and drinks that are essential to karaoke. You can check the charges & photos of the whole menu in the app.

Be sure to read the following if you are changing the model in order to pass on your membership information such as visit points.
※ If you forgot your login ID and password after changing the model, please be aware that you can not inherit member information such as the point of visit.
Please note that you will be required to register as a member if you fail to carry over your membership information.

● Customers using a general email address such as Gmail as their login ID
(1) Before changing the model, be sure to make a note of it in advance so that you do not forget your login ID (email address), password and membership number.
(2) After changing the model, download the "Utahiro" application anew, and log in with the login information in (1) above. The member information such as the visit point will be inherited.

● Customer email address (such as docomo.ne.jp) for login ID
(1) Before changing the model, be sure to make a note of it in advance so that you do not forget your login ID (email address), password and membership number.
(2) After changing the model, download the "Utahiro" application anew, and log in with the login information in (1) above. The member information such as the visit point will be inherited.
(3) However, please be sure to change your e-mail address after your initial login if the model has been changed using MNP (Mobile Number Portability). If you do not change your email address, you will not be able to log in if you forget your password. In this case, new member registration is required to use again, and member information such as past visit points will be lost.
※ You can change your email address from "My Page"> "Member registration information"> "Change email address here".

ウタヒロ:「カラオケルーム歌広場」公式アプリ★クーポンあり♪ 2.5.2 Update
Additional Information
Category:  Lifestyle
Publisher:  株式会社クリアックス
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2022
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Vodafone Smart5.17.0_Popularmodapk.com

Vodafone Smart

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Not all products are available in all countries

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[Is what a dog needs a ball or a snack?]
How does my dog feel?
Dogs express a lot of emotions through barking.
But it's hard for us to know why dogs bark.
Is there any easier way to understand the dog's mind?

Wouldn't the dog alone feel anxious?
It's hard to know just by looking at it through CCTV.

Is the dog doing the right amount of exercise every day?
Can you know how many calories the dog burned through exercise?

All of this can be solved with a Petpuls.

■Real-time timeline function.
- You can check your emotions/activity through the timeline.
- The comment function on the emotions/activity posted on the timeline.
- You can search past emotions/activity on the timeline.
- Provide a dog's condition by combining emotions and activities.

■Check your dog's activity.
- Provide the total travel distance that the dog has moved.
- It uses a 3-axis acceleration sensor to provide the highest instantaneous speed for dogs.
- Calories consumed by exercise according to the amount of activity of the dog are provided.
- Support for dog walking mode and check walking records.

■Check your dog's emotions.
- Emotional evaluation function through voice recognition of dogs.
- Four emotional state expression functions by analyzing voice data.
- The function of checking the past emotions of dogs.

■Petpuls Lite
- Petpuls Lite analyzes emotions with my pet sounds recorded on mobile phones without a petpuls device.

[Service inquiry]
If you have any questions, please contact [Settings>1:1 Inquiry] in the app or [email protected] You can also check frequently asked questions through [Settings > FAQ] in the app.

[Access Permissions]
- Location: To obtain the Petpuls device connecting SSID & Wi-Fi info when adding devices.

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People are not one-size-fits-all. They’re complex, and often present themselves differently depending on the context. With @buzz, you finally have the freedom to express yourself however you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want.


Don’t waste your time sorting through the outdated information of people you barely know. Share your life with your friends, family, and other important people in your life.

EXPRESS YOURSELF THE WAY YOU WANT: Cultivate different profiles (a.k.a. “personas”) for different contexts. You decide the level of information that specific groups can access.

CONNECT WITH PEOPLE YOU TRUST: If someone breaks your trust or doesn’t need certain information anymore, all you have to do is unshare your data with them.

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY UPDATED: Instantly share images, important updates, and contact information with a handpicked group of people — and update this information in one location only.

UNLOCK A WORLD OF ALTERNATIVE APPS: Once you’ve got the hang of @buzz, it’ll be easier to get started on other apps on the @platform.

PRIVACY INCLUDED: Everything you share on @buzz is end-to-end encrypted and totally secure.

@buzz is currently in beta, with more features to come. To test other privacy-centric apps, please visit https://atsign.com/early-access-program/.


@buzz is a Flutter app built on the @platform, a technology that is transforming Internet experience by putting you in control of your data. Learn more at https://atsign.com.
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ANYTIMES - helping each other2.61.0_Popularmodapk.com

ANYTIMES - helping each other

"Our community, helping each other"

ANYTIMES offers a platform where you could meet with your neighbors and help each other through smartphone.

◆Introduced many times on Japanese media such as TVs, magazines, newspapers, and internet media.

◆What you can do with ANYTIMES◆
You can mainly do 4 things with ANYTIMES

(1) Ask for your neighbors help by creating task tickets
・Want to move furnitures but not to an extent to use moving companies
・Want to learn something but going to school is too much
・Too busy with work to cook for dinner
・Too busy to clean your room
・Want to consult with someone about something

You can ask for your neighbors help in the above case.

(2) Apply for task ticket and help neighbors
Earn extra money in your spare time by providing help to your neighbors

(3) Make money by selling your skills as service tickets
・Want to spend free time more wisely
・Want to make full use of skills but no opportunities
・Want to make money but need more flexibility

In the case above, you can sell your skills by creating service tickets.
Someone might want to try your unique service.

(4) Purchase service tickets and experience their unique services
Same yoga lesson can be different if done by different people. Experience unique service by your neighbors.

◆Characteristics of ANYTIMES◆
(1) Easy ticket creation
You can create task or service tickets anytimes through web or smartphone.

(2) Safe payment
Payment goes through ANYTIMES.
It's safer because pre-payment by one user will be paid to another after completing transactions.

(3) Evaluate each other
Users evaluate each other after transactions.
The more transactions occur, more reputation you earn.

■ Fees■
Basically no fee
※No registration fee, monthly fee, posting fee, credit card fee.

We take fees only in the following case.
・Whenever applicants of task tickets or sellers of service tickets complete transactions: 15% of transaction volume
・Bank withdrawal fees: 165JPY(withdrawal more than 30,000JPY:258JPY、for Rakuten Bank users:51JPY)

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions and so on
[email protected]

■Official Facebook Page■

■Official Twitter Page■

■Official WEB site■
v2.61.0 · 49.6MB


Welcome to Cogo! Securely connect your bank account to track your footprint in real time, every time you spend. See where you’re already saving carbon and learn what you can do next to reduce your footprint even more.

Take control of your carbon footprint!

Featured by The Independent, Forbes, BBC News, The Sunday Times, Vogue, Financial Times and City A.M. Built by the team behind the NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank carbon trackers.

** About Cogo **

Built by our team of world leading carbon footprint specialists and data scientists, Cogo calculates your personalised carbon footprint in real time. You can see your footprint when you securely link your first bank account via the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved Open Banking technology.

Our personalised carbon calculator will show you where you’re already saving carbon and what you can do next to reduce your footprint even more.

- Track your carbon footprint in real-time through your bank transactions
- See where you're already saving carbon
- Commit to climate actions to reduce your footprint even more
- Offset your remaining footprint to go carbon-neutral

** Banks Available on Cogo **

Nearly all UK banks and credit cards are available via Open Banking. The few not yet available include: American Express, Triodos, Co-op Bank and Metro Bank.

** PRIVACY AND SECURITY (Open Banking) **

Cogo is powered by Open Banking which is regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means your data is securely stored and encrypted so it can only be used for features that are necessary to the Cogo experience. You only give us permission to VIEW your transactions via Open Banking and you can withdraw this at any time.

Your information is secure and your personal data is never shared except as part of fully anonymised and aggregated market analysis. Cogo is fully GDPR compliant. Read our full Privacy Policy: https://cogo.co/uk/privacy.

Cogo is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference number: 848736) acting as an agent of consents.online (reference number 792642). We have been approved by the FCA to act as an appointed agent of a registered Account Information Service Provider (AISP). Cogo uses the same state-of-the art security and encryption measures as adopted by all major banks.

Find out more about our open banking here: https://cogo.co/user-faqs#what-is-open-banking
v4.72 · 39.8MB
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