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Szó napot - Napi szójáték
Szó napot - Napi szójáték1.4.7_Popularmodapk.com

Szó napot - Napi szójáték apk game v1.4.7 for android

1.4.7 for Android
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The description of Szó napot - Napi szójáték

- The Hungarian-language Wordle app
- 1 generated word per day nationally
- Practice even several times a day
- Follow the development of your own results
- More than 3,000 words, which is constantly expanding

The essence of the game is that once a day, based on the mechanism of the old Mesterlogika game, you have to guess a five-letter word, in a total of eight attempts. If a letter is gray, it is not in the word. If it's yellow, then yes, it's just in the wrong place. If it's green, it's included, and we guessed in the right place.
Every 24 hours, everyone nationwide gets a new puzzle, and the same word. This ensures not only 5 minutes of relaxation a day to work, on the road or in the bath, but also the guaranteed funny common topic of conversation with colleagues, who managed to guess the word of the day for how many times!
You can also compete with others on the national ranking list.

The practice courses give you the opportunity to train yourself to a master's degree for the next day's Word Day puzzle!

What words does the game accept?

- Noun. E.g. flowers, eating.
- Verb, in the present tense and in E/3! - > E.g. spits, breaks in,
- Adjective. -> e.g. easy, brave.
- Noun participle. -> e.g. to catch, to see.
- Verb conjunction. -> e.g. off, on, off, on.
- Adverb. -> e.g. outside, behind, last year.
- Pronoun. -> e.g. about me, them, his.

Szó napot - Napi szójáték 1.4.7 Update
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Additional Information
Category:  Word
Publisher:  Andris Csosz
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  23/11/2022
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