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Demonic Crusade: Otome Game(No Ads)
Demonic Crusade: Otome Game<span>(No Ads)</span>3.1.13_Popularmodapk.com

Demonic Crusade: Otome Game Mod apk game v3.1.13(No Ads) for android

3.1.13 for Android
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The description of Demonic Crusade: Otome Game(No Ads)


As a humble seamstress eking out a living in these fog-drenched streets, you’ve always sought something more, and the recent string of murders only reinforces how fleeting life can be. When the most eligible bachelor in the city promises to grant your greatest wish, you barely have time to count your blessings before fate intervenes and reveals that his offer is actually a contract for your soul!

Snatched from the jaws of death by three mysterious and handsome strangers, who refer to themselves as the Demonic Crusaders, they persuade you to join their righteous pursuit against the dark forces that prowl the streets of the metropolis, preying on the vulnerable. The only question is, can you defeat this ultimate evil before you become his latest victim?

Find out in Demonic Crusade Forbidden Love!


Meet Silas — The Volatile Half-Demon

With a mixture of human and demon blood flowing in his veins, Silas may walk with each foot in different worlds but ultimately feels at home in neither. Despite being adopted by aristocrats, he regards the elite with disdain, especially those who abuse their wealth and privilege, like Oliver. Shunned because of his appearance and harboring a deep loathing of his demonic nature, you are one of the few who sees his softer side. Will the two of you become kindred spirits?

Meet Thomas — The Calculating Leader

An ex-prosecutor whose iron will was sorely tested when his failure to convict a high and mighty demon lead to him being disgraced and disbarred, Thomas has resorted to more direct means of continuing his crusade against the dark forces that prowl the streets. With his skills in deduction as sharp as his prowess as a marksman is deadly, he is eager to recruit the services of anyone who might aid his quest for justice. Will you prove yourself a worthy comrade in arms?

Meet Edward — The Conflicted Ex-Clergyman

Caring and compassionate, Edward is nevertheless as adept at wielding a crossbow as he ever was carrying a cross in his former incarnation as a clergyman. As essentially pure a soul as you could hope to meet, this contradiction is not one that he takes lightly, and you begin to wonder if other demons might be lurking in his past—metaphorical or otherwise. His commitment to spare you from damnation is beyond question though. Will you provide the absolution he seeks?

Meet Oliver — The Dashing Devil in Disguise

After sweeping you off your feet and promising the world, the mask soon falls away to reveal the sinister truth that lurks beneath the debonair facade Oliver presents in his guise as a nobleman and wealthy socialite. Knowing who the demon is and being able to bring him down are two very different things though, and you can’t help but wonder if his interest in you goes beyond that of a deadly predator toying with his prey. Will you meekly submit, or make him work for his prize?

Demonic Crusade: Otome Game(No Ads) 3.1.13 Update

bug fixed

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  Genius Inc
Requirements:  Android 5.1
Publish Date:  10/01/2024
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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