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Công Thành Thiên Hạ
Công Thành Thiên Hạ1.81_Popularmodapk.com

Công Thành Thiên Hạ apk game v1.81 for android

1.81 for Android
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The description of Công Thành Thiên Hạ

※ General Giftcode
- 3QTOP1
- 3Q2021
Home page: http://ctth.mlgames.vn/index
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3Qcongthanhthienha

※ Three Kingdoms: The War of the Heavens is a masterpiece of the Three Kingdoms that recreates the strategy of fighting generals and fighting legions in real time. More than 100 generals and beauties of the Three Kingdoms period, strengthen the natural talent and ultimate spirit, activate the invincible Astrology skills, a series of legendary formations, 120 real battle strongholds, zoom in and destroy enemies in seconds, enjoy invincible fun, create a realistic Three Kingdoms world!
Recruiting talents, fostering reinforcement, deploying troops in battle, arranging strategies, opposing armies, famous nine continents. Domination of the world's power is only within reach.

=====================[Featured Game]=====================
◆ General Manager, Collect Now Before You Miss ◆
Free 100+ Legendary Generals, activate the comprehensive map to increase combat power immediately!!
Choose and combine red and yellow generals at will, creating a powerful attack squad, comprehensive destruction.
Refuse the normal prize draw, build a championship team, pass the stage quickly, conquer the world!

◆ Star Level Up, Change the Situation ◆
A completely new unique martial arts system with That Sat, Tham Lang, Breaking Army, Thien Canh, with burning, cold, stun, imprisoning, combined to kill and destroy the enemy in a flash.
Overcome the champion constraint to coordinate the free battle position, the full-screen damage effect doubles your experience!

◆ Realistic National War, Open Anytime Anywhere ◆
Millions of people screen, large-scale realistic confrontation, log in and fight now!
Fight with teammates, goodbye the long wait, offline still receive rich combat rewards.
120 historical strongholds, 15 county models, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains are ruled in your hands!

◆ Brotherhood of Brothers, Friendship goes hand in hand ◆
Make friends with great heroes, build a powerful brotherhood, scientific management to promote development, win the admiration of thousands of people!
An order to summon, attack the enemy in the night, thousands of thousands of horses ready to fight.
Comprehensively strengthen the army's strength, lead the brothers to conquer the four directions, join forces to conquer Lac Duong Thanh, climb to the top, enjoy the ultimate welfare.

◆ Create New Copy, Reject Boring
Create dozens of unique competitive activities such as Tower Defense breakout, 1V1 Arena, Battle for Points, Shooting Simulator!
Quickly conquer the stronghold, unlock the world map and visit the Martial General, speeding up the overall training!
Recreate the story of the famous campaign of the Three Kingdoms "The country drowns the Seven Army", enter the Three Kingdoms, review the classic history.

◆ Nurturing Multiple Routes, Protecting Hong Nhan ◆
Easily sweep levels for rewards, continuously enhance magical equipment, enjoy powerful combat and exclusive skills!
Expedition to other areas, quelling chaos, fostering extremely cool cavalry and leveling up military ranks, enhancing damage suppression.
Unsurpassed talent and virtue, activate skills to protect generals, have fun in the palace to relieve the mood!


Công Thành Thiên Hạ 1.81 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Công ty TNHH Mountain Lake
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  09/12/2022
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