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Battle Chasers: Nightwar(Unlimited Money)
Battle Chasers: Nightwar<span>(Unlimited Money)</span>1.0_Popularmodapk.com

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Mod apk game v1.0(Unlimited Money) for android

1.0 for Android
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Unlimited Money

The description of Battle Chasers: Nightwar(Unlimited Money)

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a role-playing game with classic turn-based combat gameplay. You will be one of the mighty warriors, participating in the journey to find your great father and destroy the enemy from the dark. Other heroes will join you, but each fight is only suitable for up to 3 people. So choose wisely to form the perfect squad and win against all enemies. The battles take place on the epic 2D battlefield scene, combining impressive cut scenes, and creating unforgettable action sequences. Enjoy it on your phone. Embark on an endless journey of combat and adventure through dungeons, uncovering enemies and treasures.

Download Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Explore the classic dungeon world

The dungeon theme returns again in Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a role-playing game from the publisher HandyGames. It offers an engaging battle journey with elements of role-playing, strategy, and action all having enough. Your enemies can be anyone, from bandits, beasts, demons, robots, and even the undead. Your mission is to destroy all of them along the way, paving the way to the fairy treasure and the mystery of the father’s disappearance. Follow Gully (daughter of a missing father) and 5 powerful supporting heroes to complete her endless adventure. Each destination brings many surprises, and challenges become increasingly difficult, requiring your perseverance.

Role-playing gameplay and turn-based combat

The game gives gamers a unique, integrated mission system scattered randomly on the adventure journey. Through each stage, you will encounter different enemies and be transported to an epic 2D battlefield. There you need to control your hero against the enemies in the 3v3 war. Before that, choose 3 out of 6 available heroes to fight. Each has its own skills and advantages. You need to learn about them carefully to make a reasonable choice, helping to maximize the capacity of each person in each battlefield situation.

Heroes belong to many different classes, including warriors, magicians, archers, tankers, support… Thus, each person will fit a certain role on the battlefield. For example, archers and magicians can deal great damage but have weak health, suitable to be ranked last. Meanwhile, tankers and warriors are heroes with good health but not high damage. Support is someone who has the ability to heal an ally. So, in a squad, it is best to have 3 character classes combined to ensure strategic flexibility. However, depending on the situation, you should have a reasonable chance to gain an advantage over the enemy.

Adventure and discover hidden lands

After each battle, gamers will expand their journey in Battle Chasers: Nightwar. You can go to new places, from the dark jungle to frozen snow. Each location offers unique new challenges. There, you will have the opportunity to encounter different bosses, creating conditions to accumulate combat experience. Moreover, hidden treasures can be found somewhere on your journey. Unlock treasure chests to receive items and equipment that are useful to upgrade heroes.

Enemies grow richer and stronger over time, along with your progress. Constantly upgrade your heroes to improve attack and defense stats. With more power, you can reach unimaginable achievement points in more remote places on the map. The farther you go, the greater the experience, the greater the power, and the more expansive the game content. You can be exposed to unprecedented mysteries to better understand the plot and the pre-built game world.

3D graphics combined with 2D

The game has an interesting combination of 2D and 3D graphic styles. Battles will take place on colorful 2D backgrounds. Character images are also displayed vividly with well-thought-out design, plus epic and eye-catching skill effects. Meanwhile, the adventures will be depicted from a top-down perspective on a 3D scene. It helps to vividly and visually represent the vast fairy game world. Besides the image, the sound in the game is also quite good. The background music is quite attractive combined with the sound of each skill contributing to inspiring gamers.

So, Battle Chasers: Nightwar really will not let you down. You can become a mighty warrior alongside allied heroes, go on unprecedented adventures and explore the classic dungeon world. Don’t hesitate to stop anywhere on your journey. Go further to upgrade experience and strategy, thereby opening the opportunity to meet more powerful enemies and valuable treasures.


Battle Chasers: Nightwar(Unlimited Money) 1.0 Update

bug fixed


Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  HandyGames
Requirements:  Android 6.0
Publish Date:  22/01/2024
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