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JoiPlay apk game v1.20.027-patreon for android

1.20.027-patreon for Android
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Popularmodapk.com info MOD Info :
This game downloads the simulator and game data packet. You need to update the installation tutorial for the game installation to play! Intersection Intersection
Text version installation tutorial:
1. Supporting components:
1. You need to download two plug -ins, and the assistant searches [RPG simulator plugin], [ren'py simulator plugin] Installation
2. Please reserve enough space
2. Declacing process:
1. Decadee resource: Start the game installation, wait for the game resources to decompress (about 3 ~ 5 minutes throughout the process, please re -decompress the process).
2. Add the game: Open the Joiplay simulator, click "+" in the upper right corner to select adding the game, find the folder [Elf Pokémon Infinite Fusion 5.0.36], and select [Game.exe].
3. You need to fill in the game name (both Chinese and English) for the first time to open the game, the version number (5.0.36), the icon may not be added. Finally, click to add the game
For details, the tutorial can click on the post above the post link adjustment! Intersection Intersection
common problem:
1. Press [ENTER] without response: click [Option] to find [Text Entry] to select [CURSOR], then click [Confirm]
2. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes when you enter the game for 1 ~ 2 minutes, please wait patiently
3. The stuttering situation may occur in the game, just wait a few seconds to wait for a few seconds
4. Re -decompression requires deletion of the previous decompression file (Location: "File Management", "Elf Pokémon Infinite Fusion 5.0.36" file)
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The description of JoiPlay

JoiPlay is a game interpreter and launcher for RPG Maker XP/VX/VX Ace/MV*, Ren'Py**, TyranoBuilder and HTML based games. 

* RPG Maker Plugin for JoiPlay must be installed to play RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace games.
** Ren'Py Plugin for JoiPlay must be installed to play Ren'Py games.

-> Cross-platform save file support.
-> Advanced settings for game types.
-> Built-in cheat menus for supported game types.
-> Easy-to-use and modern user interface.

JoiPlay doesn't emulate Windows or any operation system so games that depend on Windows APIs or uncommon Node.js classes/functions won't work. Estimated compatibility rates are 70% for RPG Maker XP/VX/VX Ace games and %90 for other game types.

Required Permissions:
Storage permission is required to read and write game files.

JoiPlay doesn't includes any games and requires legally obtained game files to play them.

RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker VX Ace and RPG Maker MV are trademarks of Enterbrain. TyranoBuilder is a trademark of STRIKEWORKS.

-> Terms of Service: https://joiplay.cyou/tos.html

JoiPlay 1.20.027-patreon Update

Bug Fixes


Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  JoiPlay
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  01/11/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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