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헥사곤 랜덤 디펜스
헥사곤 랜덤 디펜스0.4.0_beta_Popularmodapk.com

헥사곤 랜덤 디펜스 apk game v0.4.0_beta for android

0.4.0_beta for Android
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The description of 헥사곤 랜덤 디펜스

It is a random tower defense game that attacks enemies by placing towers with various effects. Each tower has different types, ranks, and properties, and a higher rank tower is created by dragging and combining the same tower.

◆ Tower type
-Center: It is a tower placed in the center, and it is a tower that deals with the main.
-Serve: It is a tower placed around the center tower, and it is a tower that uses dealing and abnormal state attacks.
-Passive: A tower that strengthens the tower or gives a secondary effect that weakens the enemy.
-Active: When used, this tower activates the specified ability.

◆ Tower Tier
If you combine the same tower, a higher tier random tower is created.

◆ Tower upgrade
You can use gold to enhance the effect of the tower.

◆ Tower properties
If you place all towers with the same properties, you will get an additional tower set effect.

◆ Damage
-Physical Damage: It is applied after being affected by the enemy's defense.
-Magic Damage: It is applied as it is without being affected by defense.

◆ Game mode
-Classic Mode: Enemies are created every round, and if the number of enemies exceeds a certain number,
Defeat. Kill all enemies until the last round.

◆ Update
Hexagon Random Defense is in the beta development phase, and many factors can change frequently.

헥사곤 랜덤 디펜스 0.4.0_beta Update

◆ 개선 사항

- UI 변경
- 상자 확률 표기
- 타워 노드 가이드 On / Off 설정 추가
- 타워 업그레이드 수치 표기

◆ 출석체크 이벤트 시작

- 매달 20일까지 접속 시 보상을 드립니다

◆ 오류 수정

- 자정에 열쇠 충전이 되지 않던 버그 수정
- 라운드 시간이 1초 빠르게 적용되었던 현상 수정
- 룬 효과 중 [보스 추가 골드] 효과가 적용되지 않았던 오류 수정
- 타겟 설정이 Last, Weak일 때, 공격이 취소되는 현상 수정

◆ 타워 변경 사항

- 파이어볼 타워 범위 감소, 범위에 맞게 이펙트 크기 조절

◆ 이펙트 개선

- 암흑물질 , 거미

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  GMOSUN
Publish Date:  27/08/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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