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魔法门之英雄无敌:领主争霸 apk game v1.0.4 for android

1.0.4 for Android
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The war strategy game "The Heroes of the Magic Gate Invincible: Lord Combat" has opened a limited -edition file test at 10 am on November 30th. Intersection Intersection Intersection
------- Testing Specification --------
1. Test time: November 30th from 10 am to noon noon on December 14th
2. Test type: Limited File File Bill Test

The description of 魔法门之英雄无敌:领主争霸

"The Heroes of Magic Gate Invincible: Lord's hegemony" is a genuine authorized mobile game with the authenticity of the magic world as the background. You will play a lord of the magic world in the game, and work with millions of players in the Erasea continent, which is intertwined with magic and smoke. By building cities, recruiting heroes, learning magic, and training soldiers to continuously improve their strength, build and defend their own magic world by hand. In this large world with a high degree of freedom of 1.04 million square kilometers, you can use various arms to explore the mysterious continent, use strange magic, control the offensive and defensive distance, and affect the victory and defeat of the war. Angels and griffin, forest tree people and unicorn, Muyuan Wolf and Ghost. You will lead the powerful and mysterious legendary heroes and biological siege, and have the fun of gaming games with other players in strategic cooperation and checks and balances. In the world of magic, smoke rewinds, the history of the Elas Asia is waiting for you to create! [Strategic originator, heroic invincible genuine mobile game] -A hero invincible is one of the most classic series in the history of the game, one of the games that strategy enthusiasts must play in this life- "The Heroes of the Magic Gate: Lord of the Outlier" is the hero invincible IP universe In a series of works, you can build a variety of fantasy -style castles in the Temple, Muyuan, Forests, Human, God, Elf and other ethnic heroes and magic biological archangels, gryngom, unicorn, etc. Hundreds of combinations, complex each other, create a multi -dimensional strategy army [Real remote, and bring more strategies to the distance] -Thiel is no longer a simple cycle restraint, but a long -range soldier with the actual attack distance. Far and near, highlands, high -ground leaping, and walls of fire, bringing you a more real local battlefield micro -operation strategy [the battle of magic, really magic to defeat magic] -skill is no longer simple output and control, in this film, in this film, in this film There are many special functional skills in the magic world, flashing, ridicule, stealth, transmission, stand -in, etc., which greatly enrich the strategic and randomness of the battlefield -the rock, flames, gas, and rain elements attached to the skills , Bring a variety of magic skills matching and combination, the strongest magic lineup, look forward to you to explore [outskirts exploration, exclusive territorial exploration expansion] -Resource acquisition is no longer a duplicate mining mining, innovation Open exploration gameplay in the suburbs, as you want in your own vast back garden; here, there are rich random plot fragments, precious mineral wood resources, admiring soldiers who admire you for a long time, and hidden robber rebels. You need you to repel the [Champions Cenging, cultivate the gods and beasts to the battlefield] -Suma beast is no longer a numerical creature raised in a certain interface. The game provides the "championship creature" to develop a choice of "championship creatures" with 3 major races. Will accompany you to complete every battle, step over every inch of land, and conquer every enemy -the dragon, angel, and undead creatures will become your loyal partners. As the development is deepened, more forms will be unlocked by unlocking. [The dispute between the alliance, the peak of the thousands of people on the same screen] -The alliance is no longer a blindly hit the city, and the powerful creatures hidden in the magic world require the team to conquer together. The introduction of the alliance BOSS gameplay, with the design of front and rear arms, can also experience the fun of the grouping of delegation in the war strategy -of course, the army -level battle is still the main theme of the station, and the competition with other alliances to compete with other alliances The diplomatic strategy of co -vertical and horizontal may be the strategy of your rise in the gaps. It may be the best way to stop and stop fighting ... Here, millions of players will compose the legendary epic stars together At the time, will the next invincible hero be you?

魔法门之英雄无敌:领主争霸 1.0.4 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  腾讯游戏
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  06/03/2024
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v1.262.1.1 · 92.7MB
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