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雨叶岛传说 apk game v2.12 for android

2.12 for Android
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The plot promotion map exploration game "Rain Island Legend" has been launched on January 31st trial, welcome to download and experience!

The description of 雨叶岛传说

"Legend of Yuye Island" has no related chart, pure plot promotion, large map exploration puzzle solution, and real -time combat stand -alone independent game. Use props, treasure maps, bombs and other props in the wild and dungeon to crack the secrets and find treasures; use magic wands, bow and arrows, spears, hidden weapons and other weapons to eliminate monsters and upgrade equipment. The game is a rare type of "pure plot promotion" on mobile games. There is no traditional mobile game main interface, directly enter the world, immersed in exploring a large number of hidden elements. There are only a handful of game UI buttons, no card, no stacking value, and no red dot task for "work check -in". All game motivation stems from the game NPC and plot advancement. NPC has different personalities. If you don't respect them, they will fight back. The protagonist you play suddenly appears on an island called Yuye Island. There is only the elves on the island, and you become the only human on the island ... you can't understand why you appear here because your memory has been lost. You are as chaotic. The elves on the island seem to intentionally help you find your memory, but they have some demands for you. In order to find out the reason why it is out of this place, you have reached a cooperative relationship with them to help them find what they need. In this process, you constantly defeat the monsters on the island, break through the dungeon, break the organ, and find artifacts ... but you gradually discover some unreasonable places and strange group organizations, various information mixed, let the truth make the truth It looks farther and farther ... Q: Do the game need to be connected to the Internet? How to file a archive? Answer: Single -machine games do not need to be connected. The archive is 100%automatic and instant archives. You do n’t need manual intervention. Wherever you play, you can exit at any time. You can go back and play. Q: Can the game be uninstalled? Is it still there after reinstallation after uninstallation? Answer: The game is a stand -alone game. After uninstallation, the archive will be removed by the mobile phone at the same time, so it is not recommended to reinstall it after uninstallation. (Single -player development, due to time cost, there is no cloud storage file for the time being. Please forgive me. You may add cloud storage files in the future and do not delete the current file.) Q: Is the game very lively? Answer: This game is an early red and white machine RPG experience. There is no red dot task for punch -in, daily tasks, so there is no saying on the liver (you can also remove the liver properly, such as leveling to make money). Because there are 100%automatic and instant archives, even if you only play for 5 minutes at a time, you can continue or exit at any time, and the RPG can be fragmented. Question: Is the game fight in real time? Answer: It is a real -time fighting, fighting directly on the large map, you can use various weapons such as magic wands, bow and arrows, spears, hidden weapons, etc., and even attack NPCs on the map. However, this game does not have high requirements for action operations, and it is not a powerful game. Q: Is there a puzzle element in the game? Answer: Yes, but the requirements are not high, there will be no difficulty mini -games that must be solved. There are a large number of "mysterious" hidden secrets in the game. Most of the simple but wonderful puzzles are used to use the props on the props. surprise. Q: Is the game brushing type? Answer: No, the game is mainly based on the plot+adventure+puzzle solution advancement, not based on brushing promotion; however, you can also brush it, which is more free. Q: Can the game be 氪? Answer: Can't. Question: Is there an official guide in the game? Answer: Since the game is a puzzle exploration battle, once the official provides a guide, the gameplay will be greatly reduced, so I will not provide a guide (except for a small amount of eggs). I also recommend not watching it, otherwise the gameplay is greatly discounted. Q: How to do the game? I see the game monsters or maps familiar. How did the game material come from? Answer: The game was independently developed by the developer "Xinyun" using the Unity engine. Most of the art, music, and audio materials in the game are derived from the purchase of Unity Asset Store. If other developers buy the same Unity Asset Store material, there will be similar phenomena. This is normal; some music materials come from free copyright -free music creation For a website, a small number of art and sound materials are made by developers (using tool Photoshop and StableDiffusion) or modification based on Internet public materials. If there is infringement, please contact the developer.

雨叶岛传说 2.12 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  心流云汐工作室
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  31/01/2024
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