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游戏人生 apk game v1.0 for android

1.0 for Android
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The description of 游戏人生

Welcome to download this application, codenamed "Game Life", it can help you to operate and match. The main functions are as follows: Different Spirit Battle — each player can choose a specified number of aliens to play, fight against the defense, there is a alien spirit, there is a strange spirit, there is a strange spirit, and there is a strange spirit. Different grades and levels, S -Class Alien can release big moves. The development of a alien — the alien can be upgraded. Each alien has a different personality. Players can interact with the alien in their own independent space to eat, dress up for the alien, and play with the alien. Map Discovery -All points on the real map have corresponding functions. For example, restaurants can buy food supplements, supermarkets can sell virtual foods, hospitals can sell drugs, educational institutions can provide alien upgrade services. The peak may be monsters. Old nests, houses can purchase real estate, banks can make deposits, etc. Players have a certain probability of getting the props in "Game Life" in physical merchant consumption; players consume in the store in "Game Life", and have a certain probability to obtain a preferential volume of physical merchants. Merchants can put advertisements on the map or bury red envelopes nearby to attract players to go. MR battle -forming a team with good friends and launched a real version of military chess game in school. Players can open the camera, defense through defense, attack through various weapons, and take the lead in unplug the opponent's military chess as a victory condition. Plot -plot? This is your world, your real life. It's just that you don't know, there are still parallel space -time, don't believe it after installation. Local culture -Through clues, players can follow the context of local cultural development to play, and learn about local culture in "Game Life". Red theme -also added red elements, such as making party policies and policies into puzzles. Players collect fragments in "Game Life" and stitch them together in the correct order. At the same time, they received the education of the party.


游戏人生 1.0 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  Unkonwn
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  07/11/2023
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