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最后的龙都市 apk game v1.2.5 for android

1.2.5 for Android
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Roguelike placed the card game "Code: A" has been named "The Last Dragon City". The pre -download of the game has been opened and will be officially launched at 11 am on January 3. Time experience game!
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The description of 最后的龙都市

A heart, smoke, illuminate the last days. A city, in the starry sky, witness hope. Reincarnation God, after awakening, connect you and me. The immortal dragon heart tells a story: our hometown has been shrouded in the boulder that covers the sky, and the evil gods continue to bring natural disasters, and we want to destroy civilization. When the light was unable to completely defeat evil, the gods decided to call upon the ancient dragon god, sacrifice his soul and inject it into the dragon scales. Eventually, a powerful light of hope burst out, dispelling endless darkness, but the cost was still heavy: the dragon god fell, the gods Broken, only Li Longxin and the gods of the gods ... After the war that lost the gods, the mainland gradually became clearer from chaos. Longdu was built. The city has successfully entered the era of large steam. At the same time, under the blessing of Longxin, in order to continue guarding the world, the soul scattered in the world has gradually hidden into the sentient beings, and the reincarnation becomes a awakened person. Until the dormant disaster came again ... Now, you will be a member of the awakener, respond to the call of the ancient gods, gather under the heart of the dragon, and find and call the awakened people who are still in the sleeping. Soloch all the power of unity and defend the final air fortress -Longdu! We wait and see who is dead! Intersection "Code: A" is a boutique card game based on "free transaction" as its core and innovative around Roguelike gameplay. In a new generation of economic systems created under the "free transaction", you are no longer just consumers, but also the controller of supplies. In a benign growth mechanism, everything is possible. Under Roguelike's innovative gameplay, after the player unlocked the copy of different themes, brushed the monsters randomly, the strategy turned the grid, and found that the hidden elements behind the grid were full of expectations. And the copy map is beautiful and playful, and has a lot of space for players to discover. Players can trigger agencies and plots through different events, think about the optimal solutions, fight monsters, and complete adventure. At the same time, the game also designed with the underlying architecture of "small service" operation and "big service" social networking, providing players with a new experience in welfare and social gameplay. We look forward to your joining! Game features: [Substant assembly] In the name of the dragon god, we will call to develop the wake -ups to adventure. The game has many awakened cards, and the six -party camp forces. They have different personalities, unique backgrounds, cool appearance, and diverse skills ... For example: Jaydana, who is determined to rewrite the destiny of the Dragon City, but still feels uncomfortable. The moth flutter the fire also to spread the fire of freedom throughout the mainland; Gulviger, who is high but carrying a heavy mission; ... [American steam painting style] The combination of steam punk style and "Kara" modern technology is everywhere, showing details, showing the ingenuity quality. The retro -old, mechanical armor, precision gear, steam warships, black technology and other elements have strong fusion, creating exquisite scenes, standing paintings, and props. The gear of destiny has begun to rotate, and the ups and downs of steam and technology worlds. The last Dragon City is waiting for you to guard! [Copy of Innovation Strategy] 7 theme scenarios, creating a grid gameplay. Each copy has its own story kernel, colorful scenes, unique gameplay, innovative event agencies ... When you open the place, you will always receive incredible interesting surprises and frights, experiencing a exciting strategic adventure Essence Exploration under parallel time and space, how can you choose the fog, expose and retreat? [Free Trading] A new generation of economic systems created by the "cross -service transaction" system not only allows all core materials to trade without thresholds, but also enable players to easily obtain a large number of dragon crystal (diamonds) for market transactions, in exchange for what they want what they want Materials, free circulation, and mutual help with friends, join hands together, and form their own strongest awakening legion. [Leisure placement] Fun and liver, rich hook rewards, gold coins, experience, development materials, etc., are full of harvests and continuous surprises. There are various gameplay, using fragmented time to create unlimited possibilities.

最后的龙都市 1.2.5 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  龙心工坊
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  03/01/2024
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