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新石器时代 apk game v1.8.0.0 for android for Android
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The description of 新石器时代

[Welcome to the Stone Age in the Stone Age mobile game 23 years] Finally, after 23 years, the Stone Age will be met with you for the first time with the posture of mobile games. With a moment of heart, the stone ax texture, we completed the evolution of 3D quality, appearing in a new and familiar look. In the current game theme, it is difficult to provide players with a novel experience, but we still find a breakthrough in style, showing everyone a tender and lively overhead historic stone world. In the game world of the Nice continent, Changmao Elephant Bus has slowly walked. Modern and prehistoric collision and blending at this moment, this summer is worth you to open a unique adventure time. [Prehistoric pet 400+ cute pets easy to collect] Want to be cute, or a slightly reliable person dragon, or a powerful red tyrannosaurus, people with "choice difficulties" may have " "The trouble of happiness", we have prepared more than 400 emotional prehistoric pets for everyone. The TAs will become loyal partners and friends, accompany you. We have prepared a variety of obtaining pets including incubation, capture, and field catcher, so that your encounter with pets will become more interesting, more convenient and more diverse. Don't let the "probability" become the obstacles of you and pets. As long as you are willing to pay some time for pets, you can eventually meet and know each other with your favorite pet. [Free trading trading anytime, anywhere] When you get rare items, or the best pets and equipment, you find that you really don't really like it. Can you only choose "will"? Our answer is "NO", and we provide a convenient exchange system for everyone. You can complete the transaction at any time and place in the game at any time, anywhere in the game, and do not let the like to be waiting. Everyone has their own pursuit. Some people want to be a pet master, some people want to be the most unique prehistoric warrior, and some people have a soft spot for tactical supporting items. The convenient exchange is the "supermarket that you can open at any time. ", Choose what you think, no longer restricted by time and space. [Strategic Battle to enjoy the fun of wisdom fighting] True mental fighting, what is needed is a full -scale thinking. Pets can form a unique attribute that belongs to you through research, personality, transformation, and rune training. Occupation can not be fixed. Through the switching of weapons, we have achieved the free change of occupation. This battle is used with team assistance, group attack output, or single crit, which will be part of your thinking. Without the end, the restraint relationship of the four attributes of the water and fire wind is the order of pets and skills. The balance of victory lies in your choice, making "numerical crushing" into history, "surprising victory" is what strategy should look like. [Happy Social Primitive Friendship Cross -Server] There are many ways to get to know friends, there are accidents, and there is also empathy under the distress, and the flames of love may also be hidden in a look. We have prepared the social functions of many scenes such as friendship, team, family, etc., and meet your needs for short -term and long -term dating. You can always find partners in the stone world. But if you do n’t find it, we also think of it. Real -time cross -service help everyone cover the social circle to the entire game world. Yes, we do not allow you to find a partner in the Neolithic Age.


新石器时代 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  上海鹿游网络
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  07/11/2023
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