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斗罗大陆:史莱克学院 apk game v0.8.4251 for android

0.8.4251 for Android
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The Grand World team MMO game "Douro Continent: Shrek College" has opened a limited -edition file test at 10 am on November 27th. You can download and register to obtain test qualifications first. The quantity is limited. Intersection
----- Test related instructions -----
1. November 27th to 24:00 on December 6th
2. Test type: Limited File File Bill Test
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斗罗大陆:史莱克学院 screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
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The description of 斗罗大陆:史莱克学院

1 Douro World is about to open, and the compatriot with the partner team will start the adventure of Douro continent! As a youth Douro World Team Battle MMO mobile game, "Douro Continent: Shrek College" will let you experience the life of the soul master, transform as a strong attack department, sensitivity attack system, auxiliary system, etc. division! Challenge 5V5 copy, 10 -member group, 40V40 team battles, hundreds of people in the wild BOSS battle, and other super -rich combat models. They team up with friends to open up wasteland to jointly challenge strong enemies and experience real team collaboration and combat fun. Cross the Star Forest Forest, travel around the Empire of the Heaven, and explore the 3D Douro Mainland! Follow a team with friends to face the millions of soul beasts and absorb exclusive soul skills! Ten rings and ten techniques, multi -soul ring superimposed matching. Special twin martial arts souls are set up, switching at will, and the blood team is at Shrek College! On this mysterious continent, the adventure of the Douro world is not only a bloody team, but also a relaxed and interesting side. You can fish with your friends, treasure hunt, and participate in colorful temple fairs, play with friends, freely enjoy Dou fighting, enjoying the fight freely Luo is easy to live in leisure. Let us feel together, explore, and start a gorgeous adventure! [Go to the blood team, multi -career matching teams to open up wasteland] Team with the soul teacher and friends to open up wasteland, work together to break through the characteristic copy, and feel the bloody adventure belonging to Douluo! Perfectly restore the strong control skills of blue silver grass, martial arts white tiger super high attack explosive power, and Qibao Liuli Tower and other series to assist martial arts skills! Free teaming with the soul division lineup and innovation team war strategy. Regardless of whether it is a wave of streams or continuously output infinite flow, every soul master will exert his talents here. There are also a variety of PVE and PVP mechanisms such as 40V40 team battles and hundreds of boss battles, waiting for you to explore! [Gathering the soul bone set, evolution and upgrading to open the road of fever] Challenge the boss of various soul -beast world, epic soul ring, rare soul bone and other random drops. Different soul bones have different attributes and skills. They gather the soul -bone sets of thousands of years, strengthen the upgrade, soar the combat power, and start the road of Douro Fengshen. [Face -to -face transactions, free circulation of auctions] Trading stores/auction houses are free, equipment, soul bone, treasure props, buy and sell with you! The auction consignment is free of circulation, rare props, combat equipment or growth props, which are all available to meet all your needs in adventure. The diversified system brings a diverse trading experience, allowing you to enjoy the fun of exchanges, competition and cooperation in the game. [Tangmen's stalemate reappear, help explore Douro World] Genuine authorization, 3D restore Douro Continent! Classic re -engraving of Slak College, Star Dou Grand Forest, Wuhun Temple and other scenarios, multiple 1000X1000 meters of large maps explore at will. Purple pole magic pupils, Xuanyu hands, ghost fans, hook claws and other Tangmen classic scriptures reproduced, helping to freely explore the world of Douro, and take you to feel the charm of the original settings. Come and get to get to get to get to know the different souls and partners, open up the unknown field, and enjoy the adventure full of surprises. [Unique twin martial arts, double professional ten soul ring ten soul skills] Special unique twin martial arts, dual professional switching freely, ten soul ring ten soul skills. Freedom team hunting the soul beast, absorbing the exclusive soul skills of the soul ring unlock! The multi -soul rings strategy match, so that every soul master has its own exclusive continuous moves, and the peak combat power broke out! [Life in leisure home, easily adventure to enjoy Douro] Douro world not only has fierce blood teams, but also feels all kinds of interesting leisure games, so that you can enjoy relaxing time in busy adventure! Strolling in the vast large map, looking for treasures with partners, exploring hidden levels, cooking, fishing, mining, experience wonderful foreign stories, and experience different Douluo adventure experiences.

斗罗大陆:史莱克学院 0.8.4251 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  深圳市豆悦网络科技有限公司
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  29/12/2023
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