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冒险寻宝然后打败魔王 apk game v1.0.1 for android

1.0.1 for Android
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The description of 冒险寻宝然后打败魔王

Hello everyone, we are Bear and Cat Studio. This game is another strategy game developed after "Legion" and "Legion Age of Heroes". It has been developed for less than a year and a half now, and now I feel like I can finally come out and meet people^___________^ I really haven’t decided on a name for this game yet, so I’ll give it a temporary name, and here’s a game introduction. . This game is a RogueLite war chess game with a Western fantasy background. Players will serve as messengers of the gods, leading their heroes to adventure throughout the land of Kane, mediating with many races and forces, and ultimately saving this world from the evil god of Chaos. world. Game Features: 1. A true Rogue experience. Each adventure is a new journey, with nearly a hundred [skills] and [skill bonuses], hundreds of [relics] and [potions], and more than ten that provide global bonuses. [Totem], hundreds of [Events] with different plots and options, and a large number of unique [Enemies]. Players will randomly choose all of these during the adventure, and create their own genre through the combination of [Skills] and [Relics]. Decide your own play style. 2. Depth and fun outside development. In addition to the in-game adventure of RogueLite, the game also has outside development. Players can match heroes with various unique [equipment] or assemble [suits], and pass [ [Change] Obtain new characteristics and skills, and light up the [Talent Tree] to further change the hero's style. You can also engage in diplomacy with various forces on the mainland, unlock new [races] and [force equipment] by accumulating reputation, and obtain [force suits] and [sacred objects] by sending ambassadors to different forces, and seize every opportunity. It can resist the power of the evil god of chaos. 3. The classic turn-based strategy war chess game uses a hexagonal war chess grid, which has richer strategic and tactical options than the quadrilateral war chess; the speed-based action mode allows each unit to act in sequence according to speed. The battle situation is full of variables and the room for maneuver is larger. On this basis, the game also uses settings such as ZOC (zone of control) and taunting, coupled with enemies with different action modes and characteristics, making the battle full of strategy. Whether you are a war chess enthusiast or not, you can enjoy the game Have enough fun.


冒险寻宝然后打败魔王 1.0.1 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  杭州熊和猫网络科技有限公司
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  06/02/2024
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