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倾世西游 apk game v1.1.66 for android

1.1.66 for Android
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The Cyberpunk Card game "The Westward Journey to the World" was officially launched on December 28. Welcome to download and experience!
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The description of 倾世西游

"Old God" is dormant, and "new gods" are carnival; evil people, swords of technological technology, raging into the city. In the future world, biotechnology is developing rapidly, and the legendary "gods and demon fairy" can be made through science and technology, and humans have also achieved eternal life. Essence Essence "XX Journey to the West" is a casual game of Pai Bo's style. In the game, we focus on designing the following: heroes with different abilities, Cool Cyber elements, ups and downs stories, novel and fun round battles. At the same time, we created a brand new world and stories. We hope to cultivate it with the majority of players and thrive: In the next 2600, human technology is extremely developed, but the contradiction between the gap between the rich and the poor has become more and more worsen. The blood fighting between gangs often occurs often. Essence Essence The upload and download of consciousness, although humans have achieved eternal life in a certain sense, more and more people are forced by life and gradually become the underlying workers who lose their souls. Essence Essence The city is a huge night city, the core hub of the "Cyber World", and the headquarters of the Giant Power Group. In this city, there is a group of "God Demon Fairy" transformed by technology. They have various "super capabilities" but live in the dilapidated slums. Essence Essence As a ranger, you seem to have been called and come here. On the streets late at night, the provocation of the ground for no reason has caused you to fall into a huge conspiracy. From this series of incredible things followed: Where does people fall into a deep coma liquid bullet? Why is the CEO of Juren Company who take the initiative to come to the door? I hope you can be the company's security captain? The legendary historical ancient book "Western War" reproduces the world, bringing high -end technology or bloody wind? Where does the power behind Junneng Group come from? What secrets are hidden in Sky City? After 12 top hackers in the world, after invading the information base of the Giantne Group, why is the downloaded video "have the ability to kill"? The mysterious organization "Messiah" always depends on you as the deadly enemy, but why can you save you the sea of fire at the occasion of crisis? Junneng Group can really summon the soul of the dead person through technology? Faced with this prosperous night city, is your arrival, or is it destined? This layer of mystery will gradually unveil with your exploration process. Essence Essence And when you thought everything was over, it was found that all this was just the beginning. Essence Essence

倾世西游 1.1.66 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  比特熊工作室
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  28/12/2023
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