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三國志 真戦
三國志 真戦2.0.10011.18_Popularmodapk.com

三國志 真戦 apk game v2.0.10011.18 for android

2.0.10011.18 for Android
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The description of 三國志 真戦

"Sangokushi Strategic Edition", which has exceeded 70 million downloads worldwide,

The first anniversary of the official service of "Sangokushi Shinsen" for the Japanese market!

Until now, the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" series has always been a game based on strategic elements, but "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is an innovative work that provides the stage of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms with ultimate strategicity and fairness.

Here, players can experience the clash of more advanced strategies in addition to the familiar gameplay.

You can enjoy different ways of playing each season. New content is waiting for you!
Here, enjoy the real pleasure of the season-based SLG.

[Battle, transformation]
New season, new elements, new challenges

As the season progresses, new content is added, making it possible to play with new specifications and new military commanders!

In the PK season "Tenka Shou", the "Season" system is implemented! Let's make a strategy by making good use of the effects of each season.
In the PK season "Gunyu Wari", a "People's Heart" system has been added! Let's get a lot of people's heart values and achieve unification of the world.
A simulation game in which the heavens, the earth, and the people are all combined and the strategy is outstanding!

[Reproduce historical events]
The scenario leads to your own three countries "history"

In "Sangokushi Shinsen", you can enjoy the "true" Sangokushi that is different for each season!
Six powers with different characteristics will appear in the PK season "Gunyu Wari". Experience the era of group male division over hegemony.
In the renewed Season 1 "Yellow Turban Rebellion", you can experience the recapture of the area controlled by the Yellow Turban Army and the capture of Luoyang during the uprising of the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

[Water and land integration, new phase]
Explore a new map

New map for each new season! Renewed map to reproduce history. You can experience new terrain and routes!
A new land and water map will appear in the PK season "Battle of Red Cliffs"! Recreating the old battlefield of the Red Cliffs, new map contents such as military ports, naval camps, and berths have appeared!
Uninterrupted freshness! You won't get bored!

[Rivals appearing one after another]
200vs200! True summit decisive battle between a dragon and a tiger

With each new season, server integration shuffles players.
New rivals always stand on the road to unification of the world!
An alliance aiming for supremacy and an alliance that destroys its ambitions clash! Tsuwamono with a swashbuckler,
Realized true GvG competition. This is the "true" stage that all heroes of all ages, east and west want!

[Fair battlefield]
No VIP, no resource sales, full of responsiveness

No VIP or in-game resource sales! Everything is a game of wisdom!
A true strategy game that keeps pursuing enthusiasts.

[Free organization]
New season new military commander! Infinitely new organization!
A new incident tactic that appears every season, a new military commander tactic. Richer variations in composition!
A military commander organization that does not suffer even with the same military commander is realized.

Homepage: https://sangokushi.qookkagames.jp/

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Qookka Games
Requirements:  Android 4.4+
Publish Date:  16/01/2023
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