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タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム
タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム1.6.24_Popularmodapk.com

タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム apk game v1.6.24 for android

1.6.24 for Android
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タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム screenshot image 1_Popularmodapk.com
タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム screenshot image 2_Popularmodapk.com
タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム screenshot image 4_Popularmodapk.com
The description of タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム

Tactics Order is a pixel-based phone RPG in which you decide to explore the enemy dungeon by order.

The combination of tactics during battle is an endless one! It's a strategy shremination and a replay game.
Make your own campaigns to create the best and most interesting combinations.

Make up your orders and progress fast with full-auto auto battles.
Whether you like thinking games or just want to watch the idle games, you will love this game.

Endless dungeons!?Aim for the deepest in search of hidden treasures and skills.
Fight the dragons, keep leveling up and collect money to strengthen your weapons and armor.
Even though it is idle, it has a lot of character development elements. There is fun to grow and improve.
If you like quick games and detailed games, this is the right game for you!
Also, you can quickly play during your free time.

Guild feature is also implemented.
Whether you want to get a whole gang of friends to aim for a guild, or gather people up to a giant guild, or looking for a game you can play with friends!

With Gacha, it's free until the end, no purchase is required.
This game is easy to play, but for those who don’t usually love rogue gangster games.

If you're looking for strategy games, role brawl, or new hack and slash, look no further.

Online rankings, versus matches and so the game is never boring.

[Recommended for]
・Want to practice training RPG or offline idle games
・Like single-player RPG
・Like growing games and want to play idle idle games
・Like games that inflate numbers
・Want to make it through tons of revolving games and rebirth games
・Are looking for an auto battle game just to watch
・Want to play in a world of swords, magic and dungeons
・Are looking for an explosion RPG
・Like idle development games
・Are looking for a game to play online with your friends
・You are looking for a one-handed game to kill time
-Are looking for a game that can be easily controlled
・Like pixel art and pixel art games
・Are looking for a game that can be played by kids and game newbies
・Are looking for a simple but endless game
・Are looking for a game with free gacha
・Like Hackla game, which collects and enhances equipment
For those who like to collect weapons and look for stronger items
・Are looking for an idle production game

タクティクスオーダー ハクスラ放置育成ゲーム 1.6.24 Update
■ver.1.6.24 2022/12/15
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  natsukaze
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  17/12/2022
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