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ガイラルディア転生 apk game v1.5 for android

1.5 for Android
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The description of ガイラルディア転生

Gailardia Reincarnation is a new series from the Gailardia Mythology series and is in the standard royal road RPG category!

There are many elements that are essential for RPGs, such as occupations and their career changes, growth through a unique training system, and a quest system.

In the reincarnation series, the system for changing jobs has been reborn, and the level is memorized for each occupation. Therefore, when you change jobs, you will be level 1.

However, we have established the concept of master level, which makes it easier to catch up with the level of other occupations, so that there is no sense of work to raise the level by changing jobs.

New professions, magic, and feats are also implemented as new elements, and some feats can be used depending on the weapon type. Along with that, there is also a special skill of changing weapons, and it may be important to master it (it is not so complicated).

The AI ​​for auto-combat has also been enhanced, and recovery, revival, and cancellation of abnormal conditions are now performed appropriately.

You can enjoy it to some extent for free, but if you decide to play to the end, it is recommended to purchase "Story Release" from Adventure Support. It doesn't matter if you release the story first or later.

As with the previous work, you can also purchase the item of "Training Jewel" that speeds up the breeding speed (it can be obtained from the character in the building in the basement of the church in the first village), but for those who do not have time or are not good at RPG, Since the item assumptions have not been adjusted in particular, you can play like the previous Guyraldia series without it.

Also, if you do not purchase the item, you can get it after clearing it.

● Information for Android
The price of "Story Release" is 300 yen (excluding tax) like other Gaillardia myth series. It will be cheaper when it is on sale or immediately after it is released.

Restoration of "Story Release" and "Getting the Jewel of Training" at the time of reinstallation is possible from the title screen-> Terminal installation-> Restore.

● Main changes from Guyraldia Myth 3
・ Addition of new occupations & levels by occupation.
-Added new magic.
-Added new feats. Especially weapon type feats.
-Significant addition of sound effects.
-Added enemy feats.
-Improved auto combat AI.
・ Many other details.

ガイラルディア転生 1.5 Update


Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  MocoGame
Publish Date:  27/08/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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